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images and films you can only dream about

We offer

We photograph all our images using the technique called HDR - simply because this technique is best.

The new product we are extremely proud of is our Deluxe package. This package is a completely new way of photography, where sharpness, light, and detail are the best on the market. Contact us for more info on our deluxe package
NMC - Eksempel på NMC Film
Deluxe estate film, Vores mest eksklusive film pakke, sælger drømmen!
NMC - Eksempel på NMC Film
Ekstra estate film
NMC - Eksempel på NMC Film
Random profession
NMC - Eksempel på NMC Film
NMC - Eksempel på NMC Film
NMC Standard film, en film til alle boligere
NMC - Eksempel på Miscellaneous
Panorama pictures
NMC - Eksempel på Miscellaneous
Mast Photo
NMC - Eksempel på Miscellaneous
3D Floorplan
NMC - Eksempel på Miscellaneous
2d and 3d graphics
NMC - Eksempel på Miscellaneous
Evening pictures
NMC - Eksempel på Miscellaneous
Add and Remove editing

Our principles

  • We are first when you turn on the computer to see your pictures
  • We are the one to call when you want the best quality
  • We want to be first and best
  • NMC aims to exceed customer expectations
  • We set new standards for what property visualization can do.

About Us

Over the last 5 years we have shown that we can deliver a complete photo package of the highest quality

At NMC, we offer visual solutions for real estate agents all over the world.

Over the last 5 years we have shown that we can deliver a complete photo package of the highest quality, fast and easy.

We look forward to serving you and your business.

In 2010, Jesper Nørklit and Claus Corlin founded  NMC Visual. The  purpose of NMC was, and still is to provide real estate agents throughout the world for a new standard of quality.

With good cooperation with partners in Denmark and Asia,  we have been able to welcome over 200 customersin the past five years.

In 2014 NMC started offering the same quality to the rest of the world. Currently we have photographers based in Australia, USA, France, Holland , UK and Poland.


Mission: NMC aims to exceed customer expectations in terms of service, product delivery and quality, and to set new standards for real estate visualisation.

Vision: Our vision is to invent the perfect picture and films of the future. We will safely and confidently introduce real estate agents to the property visualization of the future.

Here’s what you can expect from your collaboration with NMC.

You receive images the day after they are photographed

• Own IT platform where you can easily order
 We contact your  customers within 24 hours at the latest

Integration with whatever system
• Chain Collaboration

We are always looking for talented photographers throughout the world. Right now we are looking for photographers in the following locations – Denmark, UK, Germany, Poland.
Wherever you live, you are always welcome to contact us if you are a good photographer

Jesper Nørklit

Director Europe

Lars Jeppesen

Director Asia and US.

Claus Corlin

IT. Director

Margaux Soriano

Team Lead / Image Editor

Camilla Kristensen

Support Manager


Sales Manager

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Write us an email. Please tell us where you are based so we can direct you to our sales staff in your actual country.


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